I AM CHAVI.

A Personal trainer, Yoga teacher and a dancer with a passion to see you lead an empowered, pain free, joyous life. 

I create effective fitness programs designed to heal chronic pain and improve overall health and fitness.

My Holistic fitness programs include improving posture, building strength, enhancing mobility, reducing stress improving both mental and physical health and fitness. 

Head Stand Pose

Feel motivated, hopeful and strong again.

Strengthen from inside out




With my own experience in dealing with back pain and healing from it. I understand the emotional and physical pain that it can cause.

In our journey together I will share what worked for me to heal my back pain completely. We will work on your posture, diet, exercise to begin with. As we progress further, we will work on reducing mental stress using breath work techniques and meditation to enhance sleep and recovery. 

Lets hear your experience with back pain. Book a free consultation. 

Women Training Outdoors

Work with me 1:1 + Free consultation

Loose those extra pounds, eat healthier, feel energetic.

Healthy lifestyle is a journey. We will start by looking at your daily lifestyle, slowly making those necessary changes that will be easy and possible to make considering your schedule. Besides exercise and building your daily schedule, we will also look into your nutrition and daily habits that will put you on a path of healthy living.    

I will be there supporting you and to cheer you on as you keep achieving your fitness goals.

Do not hesitate to reach out! 


BEAT FATIGUE - Gain more energy 

14 sessions including flexibility, strength, nutrition and mindfulness training.


Hi I am Chavi, Certified Personal trainer, Yoga teacher, Dancer and a Choreographer.

My mission is to make people feel stronger, pain free and happier in their bodies. I design a holistic program including multiple training strategies to help my clients improve their sleep, nutrition, mental and physical health. In my training I include my  knowledge from Yoga, dance, martial arts, resistance training, nutrition and meditation to design a personalized program to fit individual needs. Fitness for me involves the whole person and their physical and mental health. In my experience recovery happens faster when all these aspects are taken care of.  

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